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…is our number one priority. Wynn Site Development follows all safety guidelines from OSHA to ensure that all employees remain safe while at the job site.

Why Safety Matters

  • Safety Programs create productive work environments
  • Work Premises are kept to higher standards
  • A Safe work environment produces happier employees
  • Employee insurance claims decrease in safe environments
  • A company’s most valuable asset is protected – its people
  • Our safety program enables us to win and retain business customers
  • An environment is created where safety improvements are considered, encouraged and implemented
  • Safety reduces business costs and disruption

At Wynn Site Development, we firmly believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Ensuring their safety and health is paramount in every aspect of our operations. We are committed to providing the necessary resources to address and mitigate safety hazards. Every employee plays a vital role in recognizing potential risks, adhering to safe work practices, and utilizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when required.

Our dedication to safety is unwavering, emphasizing that no task is so urgent that it cannot be done safely.

Personnel Safety

Wynn Site Developent ensures personal safety by training employees to use the following types of safety equipment:

  • Eye and Face Protection
  • Foot and Leg Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Hand and Arm Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Back Protection

Safety Personnel and Workplace

Work Site Safety

Wynn Site Development uses work zone safety to keep your job site safe.

  • Hazard Recognition
  • Safer Work Zones
  • Fire Safety
  • Pit Safety
  • Excavation Safety
  • Plant and Wildlife Safety